Jump-start the giving season in 2009!

Every year we’re absolutely amazed by the generosity of our friends. At the first Giving Party in 2007 you gave over $12,000 to support local, national and international charitable organizations. Last year you, along with friends at our sister parties, gave over $30,000 to those in need – and we had a great time doing it!

This year, the Giving Party is Thursday, December 3rd. Representatives from five organizations will be available to tell you about the wonderful work they’re doing. Make a donation to one or all of the charities present or to your own favorite charitable group. Pick up Giving Party gift cards & envelopes to share the gift with friends and family. At the end of the evening, we’ll tally up the gifts (anonymously!) and we’ll share a toast to celebrate how good it feels to GIVE!

We’re keeping our support local this year. Our 2009 Giving Party organizations are:

Family Violence Prevention Center of Orange County
Habitat for Humanity of Orange County
Fuel Up of Chatham County
Donors Choose
The Dispute Settlement Center

Get ready to Give Until It Feels Good!

Casey, Diane, Mary Beth and Perri