Giving Party

2016 – It’s Our 10th Giving Party!

We can hardly believe it either, but this is the 10th Chapel Hill Giving Party. From a preschool parking lot conversation to Giving Parties all over the country and more than $315,000 raised, we couldn’t be happier! We can’t wait to see our friends and Give Until It Feels Good! If you can’t make it to the party, here’s a link to Giving online. This year’s recipients are: JUST TRYAN IT  With friends and family members fighting childhood cancer in our lives, supporting patients’ families is close to our hearts. Learn more about the impact this organization is having.

2015 / Giving Party

2015 Giving Party Results!

Giving Party #9 was fabulous as always! Connections were made, glasses were raised and a little over $12,000 will be going to local organizations doing amazing work to make Chapel Hill a better place for everyone. THANK YOU friends for being the awesome, generous people you are! The Chatham County party raised $5500 and the Raleigh party raised over $20,000!! That takes us to a 9 year total of $308,000. That’s giving until it feels good! Next year’s Giving Party will be December 1st – see you there!

2015 / Giving Party

2015 Giving Party

In our 9th year, the Chapel Hill Giving Party is thrilled to support the following organizations: The SKJAJA Fund helps children in lower income homes participate in social and educational enrichment activities through grants. IFC’s Donate a Room and Support Circles work with homeless individuals and families both in their shelter and as they move into permanent housing. Fuel Up Perry Harrison is still feeding kids on the weekend and their list is growing every year. Transplanting Traditions Community Farm‘s mission is to provide refugee adults and youth access to land, healthy food and agricultural education and entrepreneurial opportunities. The Giving Party is Thursday,


2014 Chapel Hill Giving Party

Eight was indeed great! The 2014 Chapel Hill Giving Party supported Miraclefeet, Be Loud! Sophie, Meals on Wheels and Fuel Up Perry Harrison. Generous guests raised a record total of $19,175 to support their amazing work in our community and beyond. We are so grateful to our big-hearted friends who come out each year to give until it feels good! You help us kick off the holiday season year after year and we love you for it. Mark your calendars now for Thursday, December 3, 2015 when we’ll celebrate Giving Party 9! Happy holidays. Perri, Mary Beth, Casey & Sue


2014 Giving Party – Eight is Great!

The 2013 Giving Party was a wonderful success and that’s no surprise. Each year is better than the last because every year, Giving Parties across the country introduce our friends to amazing community organizations. We talk about the money donated because that’s easy to add up and toast. More importantly we talk about making connections. Every community organization needs more than money – they need volunteers, they need publicity & they need champions who will spread their story. Chapel Hill Magazine attends the Chapel Hill party every year which gives even more exposure to our supported community organizations. The

2013 / Giving Party

Chapel Hill Giving Party December 5, 2013

What better way to kick off the “Season of Giving” than with our Annual Giving Party. For those of you new to the party, here’s how it works: Join us for an informal, fun and festive event. Yes, it’s a party (with food, wine and good cheer) AND it’s an opportunity to meet and mingle with several local charitable organizations. The Giving Party is low-key; if an organization resonates with you, then give — time, advice, or donation. If not, no worries, enjoy the party and we’ll see you next year:-) This year, the Chapel Hill Giving Party is

2013 / Giving Party

Giving Parties 2013

We are tickled to announce that this year, the Giving Party is spreading across the country! Folks are picking up on how easy it is to throw a Giving Party and how great it feels. Look for the Giving Party in: Chapel Hill (of course!) Raleigh Durham Chatham County Charleston, SC Mill Valley, CA Vancouver, BC (Going international!) Want to add your city to the list? Drop us a note and we’ll tell you how.

Giving Party

2012 Raleigh Giving Party

What were you doing on the first Thursday after Thanksgiving last year? At a house in North Raleigh, a group of friends was enjoying a cozy holiday cocktail party for a cause, ushering in the season while sipping, nibbling, mixing, mingling and anointing the first annual Raleigh Giving Party! By the end of the evening, we were blown away by our friends’ generosity in raising $9,715 to benefit four local charities. Our 2012 holiday wish is to do it again, and we hope you can join us as we throw a jolly holiday kick-off party to benefit local non-profits! What good can you do on

Giving Party

2012 Giving Party

It’s that time of year again… Last year’s 5th Annual Giving Party was an amazing celebration and we’re excited about this year’s Giving Party! If you’re just hearing about the Giving Party for the first time, click here to learn more about the best way to kick off your holiday season. We’re excited about this year’s lineup of organizations! •    Augustine Project •    Fuel Up Perry Harrison •    Transforming Hope •    Book Harvest The popular You Decide bowl is returning! Drop a few bucks and your name in our Giving Bowl and we’ll draw a name at 8:30pm. The “winner”


2011 Chapel Hill Giving Party

Drum roll please…! Our 5th annual Giving Party raised $14,371 to support four amazing organizations. The “you decide…” bowl brought in $396 and the lucky winner donated the money to Fuel Up Perry Harrison. In exciting news, our sister party in Raleigh raised $9,715! All of that generosity amounts to a 5-year total of $119, 086. You certainly gave until it felt good in 2011 and we love you for it. Our 2012 party will be on Thursday, November 29th. We can’t wait to see you there! THANK YOU! Diane, Casey, Perri & Mary Beth

Raleigh 2011

Raleigh Giving Party – UPDATE

Here’s an update from the Raleigh Giving Party: The first annual Raleigh Giving Party was held on Thursday, December 1, 2011, and was hosted by Natalie Best, Melissa Colantuoni, Ashley Techet and Christina Woelffer.  We were  absolutely blown away by the generosity of our friends and  family, raising $9,715 in just a few hours (and gifts continue to come  in!). The 2011 Raleigh Giving Party benefited the following  organizations:

Raleigh 2011

Raleigh Giving Party

We’re thrilled to announce a Raleigh Giving Party this year! Part of our mission has been spreading the word about how rewarding and fun a Giving Party can be, not only to attend but host as well. With each new party, worthy organizations find new supporters and party-goers discover new community opportunities. The Raleigh Giving Party is hosted by Christina Woelffer, Natalie Best, Melissa Colantuoni and Ashley Techet. The organizations they’ve chosen to support are: InterAct, Poe Center for Health Education, Sassafras All Children’s Playground, and Urban Ministries Open Door Clinic. Thursday, December 1st will be a big Giving


2011 Giving Party Planning Underway!

FIVE Ways to GIVE to celebrate our FIFTH Year! Once again, Diane, Casey, Perri & Mary Beth are planning for our 2011 Giving Party. Giving comes in many forms: some give money, some give time and some give by spreading the word about a great organization. We’re amazed to realize that this will be our fifth year of Giving Until It Feels Good. In the past 4 years, all of the Giving Parties, including our sister parties in Charleston, Charlotte and Cary, have raised nearly $100,000! Even better, wonderful organizations have found new volunteers and renewed interest in their


2010 Giving Party – what a blast!

The fourth annual Giving Party was held on Thursday, December 2nd in Chapel Hill, with sister parties in Charleston & Cary that same week. Once again, Diane, Casey, Mary Beth & Perri were absolutely blown away by the generosity of their friends, raising $15,730 in just a few hours (and gifts continue to come in!). The Low-Country Giving Party in Charleston raised over $8000 and the Cary party brought in $2995…raising a total Giving Party sum of $26,725 for some truly amazing organizations! The Chapel Hill party supported the following groups in 2010: Habitat for Humanity Women Build Summit


Giving Party 2010, Planning is Underway!

Mary Beth, Diane, Casey & Perri are back at it, planning for the 2010 Giving Party. Save the date for Thursday, December 2. We’re still ironing out details for our organizations who will be present. We know Habitat for Humanity of Orange County will be back to raise funds specifically for their women build program. Fuel Up will also return for a third year so we can help feed more children in Chatham County. Summit House is a new organization this year that we’re thrilled to help support. Our last organization should be announced within a week. We’re also


2009…and how they gave!

Wowzers…our friends continue to blow us away with their generosity. In just under three hours, close to 100 guests gave OVER $22,000 to our 2009 Giving Party Charities. We are all simply amazed…tearful, overjoyed, grateful…and amazed! The beneficiaries of your generosity include: Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, Fuel Up at Perry Harrison, Donors Choose, Family Violence Prevention Center of Orange County and the Dispute Settlement Center. Because of you, countless people in our community will receive the help they need. Thank you friends…and be on the lookout for plans for Giving Party 2010 next fall!


Jump-start the giving season in 2009!

Every year we’re absolutely amazed by the generosity of our friends. At the first Giving Party in 2007 you gave over $12,000 to support local, national and international charitable organizations. Last year you, along with friends at our sister parties, gave over $30,000 to those in need – and we had a great time doing it! This year, the Giving Party is Thursday, December 3rd. Representatives from five organizations will be available to tell you about the wonderful work they’re doing. Make a donation to one or all of the charities present or to your own favorite charitable group.


Giving Party – December 4, 2008

Dismal economic news certainly didn’t dampen the holiday spirits of Chapel Hill women Thursday evening. The second annual Giving Party brought together more than 80 women who gave over $15,000 to support local, national and international charitable organizations. Add to that the generous matching donation of $2000 for Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, $5000 in gift certificates to, and the amazing success of our sister parties in Charleston, SC ($7000 raised) and Charlotte, NC ($5500 raised) and the Giving Party total for 2008 exceeds $34,000! From the Chapel Hill Giving Party, four additional children will be added

2007 / 2008 / Giving Party

Give until it feels good.

A little inspiration from an Oprah episode and a desire to help people live smaller and give bigger helped launch the idea for a Giving Party in 2007. Several do-gooder moms in Chapel Hill gathered to host a party with all of their friends and simply asked the guests to give. And give they did! During a three-hour party, we raised over $12,000 for local, national and international charitable organizations. The donations were then given as alternative gifts to friends and loved ones of the party guests. We’re hosting our party again this year and can’t wait to see